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Coronavirus - latest guidelines

Patients who are currently taking ACE inhibitors or ARBs are not advised to change their therapy unless specifically advised by their doctor. This is the current up to date guidance from the UK experts on ACE medication and Coronavirus.

See The Coronavirus Conundrum: ACE2 and Hypertension Edition for further details.

Clear and helpful article to help clarify the public worry about anti-inflammatories and Coronavirus:

Coronavirus and ibuprofen: Separating fact from fiction


Returning travellers

Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people immediately if you’ve travelled to the UK from:

  • Hubei province in China in the last 14 days, even if you do not have symptoms
  • Iran, lockdown areas in northern Italy or special care zones in South Korea since 19 February, even if you do not have symptoms
  • other parts of mainland China or South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan or Thailand in the last 14 days and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath (even if your symptoms are mild)
  • other parts of northern Italy (anywhere north of Pisa, Florence and Rimini), Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar or Vietnam since 19 February and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath (even if your symptoms are mild)

More information is available at

Daily updates are being posted to the above website: Information for the public on the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms.

Coronavirus image

eConsult - is now live

The Bell Surgery went live with eConsult on 5th March - to see how this may help you and save time, take a look at the following video clip

Breast Screening Service

Your local breast screening team is now working in this area, inviting the women aged about 50 - 70 who are registered in this practice for routine breast screening.  Letters went out from the screening team mid/late February, screening started from 20th March 2020.

A research trial is also being done to help assess the benefits and risks of screening women slightly younger than 50 and older than 70.

For this research, about half the women aged 47 - 49 and half those aged 71 - 73 are also being sent letters inviting them for screening, plus a leaflket giving them information about the trial.

Women invited by the trial for screening at age 71 - 73 may well be invited again at ages 74 - 76 and 77 - 79.

To assess the effects, screening data will be linked to routinely collected health records held by NHS Digital for all women, whether or not they were invited.  Names will be removed before researchers analyse the data.

Further information about the trial and data flow, including information about how to opt out of the study, can be found at

You can discuss breast screening with your doctor.

All women aged over 70 can ask to be screened while the screening team is in the area, regardless of the trial.  If you want to do this please call the screening office directly on 0118 322 8282 to make an appointment.

Bell Surgery Patient Participation Group Educational Talks for 2020

On Tuesday 25 February the popular series of free Bell Surgery Health Education Talks tackled an important subject – Dermatology, with a focus on skin cancer.


Bell Surgery GP Partner, Dr Peter Reynolds gave an introduction to skin care, emphasising the various ways we should protect ourselves from UVA and UVB rays: hats, cover especially at mid-day, and vitamin D supplements. He explained what he as a GP looks for when people come to the surgery with unusual skin conditions /growths, most of which are benign and are categorised into 3 types. Recent technology in the form of a dermatoscope helps him see lesions clearly, and he can send these images straight to the dermatologists if required. He described the role of the GP as ‘Examine, Dermoscopy ,Reassure, Treat Pre-Cancerous Lesions and Refer Onwards ‘.

Dr Rima Clayton,  Consultant Dermatologist at Spire Dunedin, then described the various methods of treatment, ranging from surgery to shaving, freezing, creams or radiotherapy.  Only 10% of growths are from mutating moles, with 90% appearing on clear skin. Like Dr Reynolds, she emphasised prevention, especially avoiding sun-beds which significantly increase the risk of developing skin cancer.


As usual, there was time for questions and networking with the specialists.  The event was organised by the Patient Participation Group of the Bell Surgery.

 Dermatology talk photoFrom left to right:Lyndsey Collins, Business Development Manager, Spire Dunedin, Dr Peter Reynolds, Partner GP at The Bell Surgery, Dr Rima Clayton, Consultant Dermatologist, Spire Dunedin and Deborah Gianelli, GP Liaison Officer at Spire Dunedin. 

The next talks in the series will be on cancer awareness and on Ovarian cancer awareness in conjunction with the Women’s Institute. Dates to be advised - postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Bell Surgery PPG Talk Number 16: 'Oral Cancer - what you need to know' by Rebecca Sadler

Dr Rebecca Sadler – Dentist at Courtria House , Henley, Mr Irvail Satheesh Pradhu, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Janet West , Patient , Isobel Morrow , PPG and Justnya Niewinska, Head Nurse at the Courtria Practice.

Oral cancer talk photo

The latest Bell Surgery Health Talk held on Tuesday 21 January 2020, organised by Isobel Morrow  was on the subject or  Oral Cancer. Mr Pradhu, a Maxillofacial consultant based at the Churchill Hospital , Oxford told the audience about 2000 people die of oral cancer each year and it is the ninth in the list of cancer deaths. 90% of  patients have smoked and drunk alcohol over the recommended limits . Mr Prabhu  and Rebecca Sadler emphasized the importance of regular dental checks , although only 50% of the population are registered with  a dentist. The types of treatments were explained with Mr Prabhu emphasing that the aim is to maintain a good Quality of Life post treatment.  He explained a new treatment that is being used to reduce the number of lymph glands being removed. Janet West a recent patient of Mr Prabhu shared her journey from diagnosis , operation to continued recovery. It was a compelling story of her way of coping and she now is involved with raising awareness of oral cancer. She told her story  to BBC South Today – Janet West Cancer Story and it is available on You Tube  at

Bell Surgery PPG Talk Number 15: 'Breast Awareness' by Mr Brendan Smith

The talk was held on a cold evening on Tuesday 19th November so well done to all those who braved the weather to attend.  This was our 15th talk in the 'Health' series organised by the Patient Participation Group in conjunction with Dr Toni Chan, (lead consultant at the Royal Berkshire Hospital -RBH). The talk was on the recommendation of Stephanie Greenwood, Townlands Hospital manager. Delivery was excellent. Mr Smith (Consultant Onco Plastic Breast Surgeon) at the RBH, had three potential talks and covered two using comprehensive PPT presentations. He did have some aids in the form of breast implants to show the audience. He described the number being referred to the RBH team and the fact that more cancers are not being diagnosed as numbers are pretty static.  They see about 450 breast cancer patients a year and everyone in this specialism is seen within 2 weeks.  He told us the patients that should be referred and the education that takes places so that GPs are up to date on referrals.  There are more men being referred. A breast lump is more likely to be a cancer in a patient over the age of 50. He told the audience about the triple assessment process which determines treatment required.  Family history is a factor although there are criteria to determine if this is a risk factor. During the session he discussed latest techniques for breast reconstruction and treating other breast conditions.  There were good questions and a lot more of the topic that could have been covered.

With our thanks again to FROTH for donating funds for refreshments for the health talks.

PPG Breast Talk photo

Renuka Logan, Jeni Wood ,Frances Lefebure PPG ,Mr Brendan Smith- consultant ,Marian Mawdesley, Clive Williams

Fighting Inactivity in Oxfordshire - YouTube video link - click here to watch video

Are you off to University?

You can stay registered with The Bell Surgery whilst you are at University.

If you need advice from a Doctor whilst you are away we offer routine and urgent telephone appointments with a GP of your choice and your prescriptions can be sent electronically to any chemist in England.

If you need to see a doctor whilst you are away you can visit a walk in centre or register as a temporary patient with a GP surgery in your University town. Most University towns will also have Minor Injury Units and Sexual Health clinics which are walk-in services. For more information see

Flu Clinics

The Bell Surgery GPs and nurses gave 463 flu vaccines at the Saturday flu clinic in September, which was exclusively for our patients aged over 65 and 425 flu vaccines at the flu clinic on Saturday 19th October.

As per last year the 'Fluad' vaccine is recommended for those aged 65 and over and the quadrivalent for those eligible for a flu vaccine and under 65  years of age.  

Flu appointments are available to book now - call us on 01491 843250

Primary Care Networks, the NHS long term plan and neighbourhood working 



The talk was the 13th in the Bell Surgery ‘Health ‘series organised by the Patient Participation Group in conjunction with Dr Toni Chan, (lead consultant at the Royal Berkshire Hospital). The talk was different to the successful Health series, as it was not focussed on a medical specialist topic. The idea was to update patients in the area on national and local changes and developments in the NHS and to have an overview of plans at Reading Hospital and Townlands The talk was organised in three parts and delivered by the following team:

Part 1 – Dr Ed Capo-Bianco, OCCG Clinical Director.

Part 2 - Raghuv Bhasin, Deputy Director ICS Delivery at RBH

Part 3 - Dr Chris Langley, GP Senior Partner at the Bell Surgery

33 patients from a number of surgeries attended but predominately from Bell Surgery, including 5 members of the PPG.


There were three sessions including questions. Dr Ed Capo-Bianco talked about the NHS 10 year plan and the key messages and developments that are likely to develop over the next 5 years both nationally and locally. The move to increased digitisation, health maintenance, improved cancer care and workforce challenges were all mentioned. The funding has been settled for 5 years which allows for better planning of services.

Raghuv Bhasin discussed the RBH Trust Vision and what it means to ‘Work Together, and deliver ‘Outstanding Care’.  He described increased working with GPs and other specialists in the NHS and the ongoing work to transform the RBH site for better patient flow within the financial constraints. He mentioned the workforce challenges and the new roles such as consultant nurse and physician associates. RBH works in partnership with the University of Reading on educational developments. He was warmly received when he mentioned the aspiration to utilise the top floor of Townlands and some of the ideas being developed to increase clinics and develop more of a ‘one stop shop’. He mentioned technology advancements and increased use, if appropriate, of video and other digital tools. The estate planning will involve a lot of patient engagement as it develops.

Dr Chris Langley spoke about the local plans and the way the new Primary Care Network is developing. Bell, Hart, Sonning Common and Nettlebed are in our PCN.  He mentioned the current services such as extended hours and the benefit of the 5 year funding. There are challenges and pressures despite being fully staffed. He is hopeful of funding for several new roles and the clinical pharmacist is already working one day a week at each Practice in the PCN and the Social Prescriber will continue if funding is secured. He said that the PCN was working very well together and there was increased sharing of information and not duplicating work. The PPG will continue to meet with the other members from across the Locality as well as developing close relationship with the PCN PPGs. There was time for questions and for people to network as refreshments were served at the midpoint.


Did you know we circulate a seasonal Surgery newsletter? - available to pick up in the Surgery or at one of the local pharmacies. If we have your email address you will receive a copy by email.  Do let us know your email address if you wish to receive the newsletter. 

PPG newsletter - The Bell Surgery Patient Participation Group have so much news to share there is a separate PPG newsletter this summer - Click here to view  Also available to pick up in the Surgery.


Autism Support Henley (ASH) 

ASH holds a drop in support group on the 2nd Thursday of every month in the Margaret Day Room at Kings Barn, between 1pm and 3pm.  The next meeting is on Thursday 13th February 2020.
Autism Commitee Meeting Minutes 25th Feb 2019How to support Autistic People - a guide for GP Practice Staff

Improving access: we have appointments available early morning, evenings and weekends

Patients who are registered at this practice can book an appointment to see a GP or nurse on weekday evenings (after 6.30pm) or at the weekends (on Saturday and Sunday). Appointments will either take place at this practice or at another GP Practice nearby. Talk to one of the reception team to find out more or book an appointment.


By March 2019 everyone in England will benefit from access to general practice appointments in the evenings and weekends at a time that is most convenient to them. This is part of a national drive to help improve access to general practice and get the best possible outcomes for patients. Further information is available at


We welcome feedback and would love to hear any positive comments you have about our team at the Surgery and areas we can improve on. 

Review us on NHS Choices Review or Google Review or just come and talk to us!

Call recording

Please be advised that we may record telephone calls for quality and training purposes.

Part-time GP job sharing

To maintain continuity of care for our patients the GPs who work part-time at the Surgery will be job sharing.

This means that if you need an appointment on a day when your usual GP is not working, where possible we will book you an appointment with the GP they are job sharing with. Both GPs will get to know you as a patient.

The job shares are: Dr Knight & Dr Cunningham and Dr Doling & Dr Waterman.

Doctor changes at The Bell


We welcome our new registrars Dr James Rich, who will be training at The Bell Surgery for 6 months and Dr Maryam Ahmad who will be training with us for 18 months.

Dr Dilshad Sachedina, joined us in August 2019 and is training with us until August this year. 

News Item dated 5 February 2020


Shingles vaccination

Who's eligible?


Those Aged 70 years

Plus anyone in their 70s who was born after 1 September 1942 and has not yet had the vaccine.


Patients remain eligible for immunisation until their 80th birthday


If you are eligible for the vaccination please contact the surgery to book an appointment with a Practice Nurse. 


CQC rating

CQC visited the surgery in November 2018 and have rated the Bell Surgery as 'Good' in all areas.  Thank you to all those patients who spoke to the inspectors on the day.


Appointments System

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our service and therefore we often review the way we offer appointments to you. Following feedback from our patients we have made some small adjustments to the way appointments are now booked. If you have any feedback or suggestions for further improvements please let us know.

Email addresses and mobiles please

If we have your email address/mobile number, we can send you specific reminders about clinics or services or even invitations such as your flu vaccination. 

Next time you visit us, please take a moment to let us know your email address and mobile number – pick up a slip from the reception desk and pop the slip back in the green box, or follow the link to online services and make the changes online.

Don’t forget to let us know if you move house too!

Did you know you can call into the surgery for a free blood pressure check - without an appointment

We have a Healthcare Monitor in the waiting area which will take your blood pressure, height and weight.  The monitor will issue you with two printouts: one for you to take away and the other to hand in to us so that we may update your medical records.  Simply request a token from reception.

Why not join our Online Patient  Group? 

We have a thriving Patient Panel Group (PPG) and we have now set up an Online Patient Group. If you are a Bell Surgery patient and would like to have your say and contribute to how services are provided in your local area then please contact Louise West on 01491 843256 for further details. 


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